An electric wheelchair is a chair that uses electric power

. The electric power is used when the user gets tired or has to climb inclines.

The advantage of the folding power wheelchairs is that they are easy to use in very small spaces. Quadriplegics, who cannot move their hands, may use a special device for breath or mouth control. They are made for indoor use. These motorized wheelchairs uses batteries that need to be recharged on a regular basis. It is advised to use the standing-up function only on perfectly flat surfaces. This model of power wheelchair is ideal for a quadriplegic or paraplegic person, who needs to use his arms for the benefit of the physical exercise. They have small wheels in front. Nevertheless, it is very efficient outdoors and can also be used in public buildings, hotels or hospitals.
The Lightweight Power-Assisted Wheelchair

For most of the time, these wheelchairs are used in the same way as manual wheelchairs.
The Outdoor Power Wheelchair

This power wheelchair has been designed a long time ago, mostly electric scooter for being used in rural areas. It weights up to 500 pounds so it is very unsuitable for being used in the apartment.
What Is an Electric Wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair (or a power wheelchair) is a chair that uses electric power in order to move the wheels. These wheelchairs are controlled with the use of a small joystick.
The Non-Folding, Stand-Up Power Wheelchair

This model of power wheelchair has a special function to help people who cannot stand by themselves be stood up when they have a face-to-face conversation with someone standing up or for some household chores.
The Combined Indoor-Outdoor Power Wheelchair

This type of power wheelchair tries to mix the characteristics of indoor and outdoor wheelchairs in order to reduce costs and storage space. Some lead wheelchair producers are Invacare and Whirlwind Wheelchair International. The simple initial device has been later on motorized and improved to enable handicapped persons perform more tasks. Anyway, it is not very safe to use them outdoors.
Types of Power Wheelchairs
The Folding, Lightweight Power Wheelchair

These power wheelchairs have a pretty similar design with the manual wheelchairs, but they have two motors and rechargeable batteries. Anyhow, they do have lots of safety limitations and many functions are performed poorly.Wheelchairs have been built in order to help people who cannot move by themselves. Apart from the basic power wheelchair functions, it also has a stair-climbing facility. They are mostly used by people who don’t have enough strength to move their arms. There are two basic types of wheelchairs: the manual wheelchair and the power wheelchair. They do not have casters so they are more difficult to use in small spaces.
The Indoor Stair-Climbing Power Wheelchair

This power wheelchair is built to be used in apartments and public buildings.


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